TradeGecko website.

At software startup TradeGecko I led the marketing design team alongside super talented colleagues Joyce Lee and Celena Jasmin, with a core focus on developing, testing and optimising our website.

Over a five year period we built our brand to become a global leader in our space and a top ranking site globally on Google for inventory and order management software and B2B Commerce. In the year 2020 the site averaged over 200,000 unique visitors every month.

TradeGecko website TradeGecko website

As a team we focused on building customer empathy. We collaborated with other departments by running research sessions and user studies to understand the journey of a customer as they discover the value in our product through the phases of awareness, consideration, and purchase all the way to retention and advocacy. This was critical in informing our designs as we evolved the website through frequent iterations.

TradeGecko website

With TradeGecko being a complex ecosystem of products, we experimented with new ways to simplify this for our customer. Above is my illustration for an interactive ecosystem diagram which appeared on a version of our homepage.

The following screens show examples of the final evolution of our design system. We optimised for both SEO and performance, as well as being centered around giving the user a logical and helpful guide to our product.

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